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The Wake Camp program is designed for wakeboard and wake surf enthusiasts who want to get the most out of their time on the water learning techniques and principles while having fun with others! The camp is here for people looking to progress their riding to that next level.

Being at Lake Anna and having access to the warm side we can ride year round and have "Florida like" water temperatures! The camp runs year round so get your riding in locally without having to travel farther south!

Day Camp 

Choose your time slot from 9 AM-12 PM or 1 PM-4 PM

Half Day : $150  This option includes at least four hours of time on the Wake Dude's boat with two 30 min sessions behind the boat and watch some of the coaches ride.

Full Day : $300  Spend a full day training on and off the water. This option includes at least 7 hours on the boat, three 30 min sessions behind the Wake Dude's boat, trampoline practice, lunch, and watch the coaches ride.

Download complete and bring the waiver(s) with you
Download Adult Waiver (+18)  Here
Download Minor Waiver (Under 18) Here

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