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"We couldn't be happier with the results. Knowledgeable, encouraging and able to explain things to our level. We had a great couple of hours on the water and a renewed drive to ride!"

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    Wake lessons June 2014

    Fantastic advice for all of us. 9,15,17 and 47. Devin is methodical and a pro. Get him to ride and show his stuff first. Amazing.
    Customer since May 2014
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    Wake dude

    Great teacher. Had the kids up on their first try. Easy personality. Doing another lesson next month!
    Customer since May 2014
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    Thanks for helping my daughter to start learning a back roll we will continue to use the Wake Dude. You are always a great teacher. Very encouraging.
    Customer since June 2014
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    The Wake Dude

    Devin was wonderful instructor for our 8 year year old son. He is patient and calm but also fun and enthusiastic. We highly recommend him!
    Customer since May 2014
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    The Wake Dude Rocks...

    The Wake Dude is the BEST. We used Devin and his boat frequently throughout the Summer months for family and friends as they visited Lake Anna. Devin was patient and professional in every aspect of his teaching. He showed up on time, every time, and created a fun atmosphere for everyone. Whether it is your first time out or a seasoned veteran, get ready to have lots of fun and learn a ton while on the water. Total blast...
    Customer since July 2013
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    Awesome Beginner Wakeboarding Lesson

    This was my first time ever wakeboarding, but I have over 10 years snowboarding experience. With Devin's instruction, I was able to get up and start trying jumps almost immediately. Before the end of my lesson, he had me clearing the wake. Very helpful and encouraging. Good equipment (nothing was dirty or overused). Highly recommended even if you've never tried it before. We plan on going back to Devin next year and maybe get my girlfriend to try.
    Customer since August 2013
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    Wakeboarding Lesson- Novice

    Devin is not just a great instructor, very patient and very informative- he is also extremely professional. He returns phone calls, very reliable, very friendly. He gave my 52-year old husband with a knee replacement, who had failed on prior attempts to wakeboard, a lesson, and my husband was up on the third try. He stayed up a long time on tries 3 through 6. We used his boat, which was designed to pull skiers and wakeboarders. I would recommend Devin to anyone.
    Customer since September 2013
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    Wake surf lessons

    Had one lesson with Devin and was amazed at how much better I became with Devin's instruction. His advice was great and he was very patient with me. I would highly recommend his services to anyone interested in learning how to wake surf.
    Customer since August 2013
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    Devin was encouraging and kind and helped 4 novice girls have a great afternoon. He was fun and patient at the same time! Will definitely return to The Wake Dude! All four girls had a great time. I highly recommend Devin!
    Customer since August 2013
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    review of devin tatro (wake dude)

    We had a great experience. Both my sons had a really good time and Devin is a really good teacher. Additionally it is obvious he is a really solid person. I highly recommend him.
    Customer since July 2013
Devin did a great job of teaching my 10 year old son how to wake board. Devin's technique, communication ability, and manerism is very professional, encouraging, precise, and productive. We look forward to returning to Lake Anna and getting more instruction next summer. Harry Jernigan - Virginia Beach

  1. We booked two hours with Devin to advance the riding skills of our two boys.
    With the new confidence of Devin’s instruction, our 10 year old was soon traversing the wake and learning to build a progressive edge. Both boys learned an ollie followed by a surface 180. Our 13 year old also worked on his single and wake to wake jump. Devin inspired the boys with a “where you could go” demo and then we ran a second line and Devin paralleled each boy for additional one on one instruction. Devin provided exactly what we were hoping for in a very productive, professional and fun setting.

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  1. Devon has helped immensely with my 360. He has also helped me learn and improve old and new tricks. He is very encouraging. He gives very precise instructions and helps you learn your trick very quickly.