It has been a little while since last posting any trick tips or news on here and I am sorry about that but it is because this week has been SLAMMED BUSY! Which has been great! It is good to see so much interest in the sport in this area.

Since last posting I have taught lots of first time boarders as well as helped people with new inverts which is always fun teaching both ends of the spectrum! So remember, a lesson is always good to get whether you are learning for the first time or working on harder tricks, having the right driving and the right eye on what you are doing can make all the difference.

Also since last posting Wake Dude shirts have arrived and I have already sold a good amount of them! I also have some Wake Dude stickers on the way and ready to be slapped on all the wakeboards and cars and whatever else they can be put on!

With the
season change coming closer I am also doing a back to school special for lessons which I already posted but I will post the photo with info again here... with a link!

Thanks and until next time RIDE RIDE RIDE as much as you can before winter comes! And of course always have fun!
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