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I read a great article on Transworld Wakeboarding's website and thought to share it. It describes exactly how to ride away smooth from a trick.. check it out!- The Wake Dude

Stomped is a pretty popular term in wakeboarding. Usually, it refers to a rider cleanly landing a trick — you know, something along the lines of: “You stomped that one, buddy!” The truth is, you should never literally stomp your landings. When you hear stomp, you probably think about slamming your feet into a specific spot like a gymnast sticking a landing off the pommel horse. While it often works for gymnasts, this technique doesn’t work well on a wakeboard. When riders try to literally stomp their landings, they land hard and out of control. In fact, it’s control, patience and smooth movements that lend your landings that stomped look. In this wakeboard how to, The Boarding School’s Kyle Rattray shows you six keys to smooth consistent landings.

Take your time

Understand that it actually takes a few feet and seconds to land. Shaun Murray’s metaphor is best: “Think about landing like an airplane — not a helicopter.”

Stay focused

Take your time, slow down your movements and think about your landing from the moment you hit the water until you are out in the flats again.

Land with the proper position

Keep your chest over your board — don’t hunch over. Keep your legs slightly extended, handle still and eyes looking where you want to ride to.

Absorb and go

When you contact the water, use your legs as suspension and absorb the impact. Also, think about maintaining your momentum across the wakes and away from the boat.

Keep going

Don’t try to land and stop. It will feel harder, make it tougher to keep control and make your landings much less consistent.

Put it all together

By landing and continuing away from the boat with momentum, you’ll have time to absorb the impact, maintain your body position and easily stay on edge to continue away from the wakes in control.
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