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The Wake Dude's Hyperlite Baseline review:

Ever since I saw this board back in September I knew it would be a great board for lots of people. Once I got my hands on one and began to ride it in the late fall, I WAS SOLD! This board is not only great for people looking to advance their riding but it was a very fun and forgiving shape that allowed myself and 2 other people in the boat to use the board all at different skill levels and not just ride the board but enjoy and get something positive out of the ride.

The main features I enjoy about this board are 3 main things:
1. The straight up pop off the wake
2. Soft landings
3. Forgiving ride even in choppy water.

The pop was great. It was consistent, smooth and responsive. If I cut harder or softer the board would respond respectively and naturally. It was easy to anticipate how the board would handle leaving the wake. It also sends you straight up giving you more hang time for tricks instead of a long and far jump.

The soft landings are key. No one likes to land hard. This board was smooth as butter whether you land on the downside of the wake or busting raley tricks into the flats. I was very impressed.

Forgiving ride was surprising. I had been riding a board with a little sharper edge throughout the entire board and sometimes I enjoy that but when I was testing this board out in the fall it was cold, I was a little rusty on some tricks and there was a slight wind chop but I was able to save some landings that I shouldn't have saved and again smooth landings even in the chop that made it easy to ride away smooth.

This is a board that you will see me riding this year and probably for years to come. I would recommend this board to anyone, any skill and will have anyone I teach to ride this board most likely!

Here is a nice video from Shaun Murray highlighting features of the board and giving some great tips on your first spins and inverts!

Hyperlite Baseline - Build a Solid Base with Shaun Murray from Hyperlite Wakeboards on Vimeo.
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