AutoWake: Finally. You now have control over the uncontrollable. AutoWake is Supra's new technology that takes the guesswork out of setting up your wake. With the push of a button, AutoWake responds to weight distribution inside the boat and adjusts ballast levels automatically to maintain optimal hull position in the water for precise wakes or surf waves.
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AutoWake is incredible, especially for those of you who either are fairly new to the sport of wake boarding or WakeSurfing, or if you are new to this boat and this hull. Why? Because from the factory they set it to an over all great starting point that will give you a good to great wake out of the box from the factory/dealer.

Setting up a boat for the first time can be frustrating when you see a great wake behind it in the catalog or maybe on YouTube or maybe your neighbor has a sick wake you are wondering how the heck how they got such a great wake/wave. There are many different variables that go into a great shape of a wake. Between fuel level, how much crap or gear you might bring out on the boat that day, or how many people you have with you and where they sit in the boat all effects the wake behind the boat.

For the longest time we have had to constantly monitor where people are sitting in the boat to get a clean wake. You may be familiar with the "hey can you scoot over" or hey Jerry can you move from one corner to the other corner or maybe you were the one receiving the instructions. Or constantly moving lead around the floor to get the wake right.

With AutoWake all of that goes away.

No matter where people might be sitting in the boat the boat measures how it is sitting in the water and decides how to achieve the desired angle for what sport you are doing (wakeboarding or wakesurfing) through moving weight around the boat with the ballast pumps. If it can't achieve that desired position then the screen will now provide a notification saying where weight needs to be moved.

For 2018 they have taken it even further with what they call "Predictive state" and "Amplitude Meter"

What the predictive state does is goes ahead and measures the pitch, roll and position while sitting still or idling and calculates how that will translate to riding speed and goes ahead and sets the ballast levels to where it thinks it needs to be. Making you be able to get up and riding even quicker with a great wake!

Amplitude answers the question of how big the wake will be today or why isn't the wake as it was yesterday.

Say you go out on a Saturday with a full tank of gas, 8 friends, full ballast, food drink and gear. The wake is incredible and you have the best ride of the summer. You go out the next day, didn't top off the fuel, only you and your main riding buddy make it out there, you fill the ballast and get ready for another sick day of shredding. You are looking at the wake and you can't figure out why the wake doesn't look nearly as big as yesterday. Well now the amplitude meter will read how deep the boat is sitting in the water and will actually inform you of what yo expect the wake to be like. Between actual weight, potential and max amplitude. The lower your boat is sitting the bigger the wake. There is no replacement for displacement. Check out the videos below to learn more!


Watch the 2017 AutoWake Launch Video for their explanation.

2018 Autowake 2 "In addition to automatically adjusting ballast for a precisely-shaped wake and wave, our second generation of AutoWake features predictive state technology that begins measuring and adjusting ballast before the boat even leaves the dock."

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