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Wakeboarding on Lake Anna is great this time of year! It is fun but you have to keep your eyes on the sky and weather with the nasty storms that have been rolling in. It is always good practice to watch the weather while out on the water anyways. Today's weather looks like it will be nice and thankfully cooler than it was last week this time.

The water this morning was not like it is in that picture... there was a pretty good amount of wind chop on the water but its good to get out and ride even in the chop to work on your tricks even if its not ideal riding conditions. Don't let it frustrate you, just ride strong and confident and really focus on your timing off the wake. It is also a great time to practice riding switch and build up control riding switch

Today was also in the mid 60's this morning when we were out riding. It is a good idea to stretch and warm up before riding in the mornings. It is a little cooler weather, your body is still warming up and waking up. So remember to have fun with it. Carve around, do some big ollies and wake jumps and grabs to warm your legs up and get in the swing of things before trying too many tricks.

This weekend looks like it could shape up to be really nice if these storms pass over. But this afternoon and tomorrow look prime! Get out and ride! Have fun and be safe!
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