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Most people would post something like this in the January or March time frame but the end of the summer can be one of the best times to buy a wakeboard, wakeboard package, or wake surf board and other equipment. Why? Because of of these factors...

1. You are most likely on the top of your game
2. It is still warm for a couple more months
3. Shops are starting to purchase products for the next year around this time and needing to make room for those orders
4. Why not?

People are always looking in the winter time or even at boat shows for new boards which is all well and good but in reality they probably won't be able to use them for a couple months and the water warms up a bit and they de-winterize the boat. Right now in this time frame of the last month of summer time, boaters and riders have been out for some time and will be going out on the water as much as they can before its time to hang it up.

Why not buy a new board when its warm out and you can use it, and while your not rusty and cold like at the beginning of the season? It makes more sense to me to be looking at boards now.

These shops are there for you! Support them! They are there for you to go in and try on boots, demo boards, get "touchy feely". You can't do that with the online shops. Go in and talk to the experts face to face about which board they think is right for you.

These local shops are getting ready to gear up for winter and the next season already. They need to make room for the next years product. This is great time to look for deals anywhere from 10% to sometimes 75% off! Don't be that guy who hassles every dollar and cent but see if they can work with you on a price or if they have any demo boards marked down.

Everyone loves a new, fresh board. Treat yourself.

Things to look for when purchasing a board for yourself or others

Board Size
Board size goes by weight.
Here is a rough guide to go by when looking at a new wakeboard

Weight of rider  =  Size of board
65lbs and under = 109-119 cm
65lbs-100lbs      = 119-125 cm
100lbs-125lbs    = 125-130 cm
125lbs-145lbs    = 130-135 cm
145lbs-160lbs    = 135-140 cm
160lbs-200lbs    = 140-142 cm
200lbs+              = 142cm, 144 cm, 145 cm and bigger

Other factors can play into the board size like how big you are going the bigger the board you will go bigger and land softer (better for your knees). Obviously this has limitations. You don't want it to feel as if you are riding a picnic table. Some people prefer a little smaller board because they feel that they can control it better in the air. It comes down to preference at that point but the most important thing is at least get the right size for you and maybe something a little on the bigger side if you are launching or having hard landings.

Skill level
You don't want to get a board that is too advanced for you because that will mean more money your spending and might be a bit too much to handle on the water for your skill level. You also don't want a board that will hold you back from progressing.

I try to find a board for people that meets them right where they are skill wise but will also last them a couple years (if they plan on growing) and also last them and take them to the next level skill wise.

Continuous Rocker vs 3Stage Rocker

No this does not mean that you have be a rockstar continuously or become one in 3 stages. The rocker is referring to the curvature on the board from tip to tail. That line can either be a smooth continuous rocker or broken into 3 stages and now they have boards for everything in-between (continuous 3 stage, abrupt continuous)

The more rocker the more pop off the wake you will get when jumping. A continuous rocker will be smooth, more consistent and predictable off the wake while a 3 stage rocker will be less consistent, less predictable and less smooth on the landings. It all comes down to how you like to ride and its nice now that the boards have a nice middle ground (abrupt continuous).

The local shop here SouthtTown Board Sports! Check out their website here and follow them on social media!


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Board Buying Guide
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